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Back from Germany

Posted by CiviLies - August 12th, 2014

Ask me anything



How'd it go?

It was pretty incredible and very memorable. Especially watching right on German television when Germany won the World Cup. That was awesome.

You are very interesting! Keep up the great work! If you want you can take a look at my comedy art. I'm fixing to post a new one I've been working on. :)

The investigation isn't over. That's why the computers are still detained.

Aw, fuck, that's bollocks. I hope you get your stuff back, Conal! D:

Did you meet Hitler?

Naw, I did meet Super Mecha-Cryo-Robo-Zombie-Vampire-Alien-Mutant-Kawaii-Baka Hitler, though.

Glad to see you got a better avatar now.

I reckoned it was about time.

Wait, I thought you were that guy LOL. Well, it's still better than his regular face.


Their food... how was it?


Well, I was staying with relatives, and their cooking was allll amazing. I also went to a lot of stands, restaurants, and cafes and I don't ever recall eating anything I didn't think like. The currywurst (bratwurst in curry sauce) was the bomb! And all the cakes and ice cream and deserts they sold were so freakin' good. I mean, at the very worst they tasted good, and at best they were amazing.

The only thing I didn't like was the beer (even though their beer is famous). It's probably because I never had beer before. I tried it on two occasions (a Pilsner on one occasion, and a Beck's on another) and I couldn't finish either of them. To Pilsner's credit, though, it does leave a nice--if faint--aftertaste of fresh-baked bread. Overall tasted like medicine, though... I know there's some weird rumor about Germans drinking beer at warm temperatures, but at the very least my beers were cold. I don't think they were as cold as American beers would be, though, and maybe that's where the rumor came from.

Overall though, it's all good--at least from my experience. I did hear a story about an aunty of mine and her two daughters eating terrible ice cream some years ago. I reckon the place must be out of business by now, though. Hope this helps!

EDIT: I know my response reflects heavily on sweets, but that's because about 60% of what I ate when touring the cities was some sort of sweet or another. I will toss in that their fresh-baked bread (even if some types of bread can be hard) was all great.

Have you accepted Adolf Hitler into your heart as your lord and saviour yet?

Keeping my options open. That Mao guy looks like trustworthy enough.

Wanna trade accounts?

did you visit any land marks?

Tons, from Dusseldorf Castle and Rhine Falls to the Berlin Wall. Each of them were spectacular. My trip there was fairly touristy, I have to say, but I'm glad I did all the tourist stuff first so that I can explore more freely and see what else is out there on my next trip (whenever that will be).

Hai thar!
It would be nice to someday visit other countries too. :c

Oh for sure! I LOVE traveling, and as much as I want to see Germany all over again, there are still other countries I want to visit, like Australia or maybe Peru! Anywhere, really. A trip to Canada sounds awesome.

Were there hot chicks?

Every. Where. No joke, Germany and Europe in general are in no short supply of sexy babes.

Was it fun?

I can't begin to describe how incredible it was. The long car rides in between visiting cities kinda sucked but touring the actual cities and seeing buildings older than the U.S. and eating food more delicious than anything I've had was incredible.

Serious question: Did you visit any concentration camps? And if so, what was the atmosphere like? o:

I didn't :c Shit would have been too depressing for my first trip. Next time, though...next time...
Sorry! D:

Yeah... I don't think concentration camps would be something I'd go to for my first time, either. :c

Were there alot of fatties? How much of German do you know? Can I come with? I'd love to visit the country my ancestry originates from. :D

In order:

Naw, I only saw one person who was like...seriously obese. He was 300+ lbs easy. Other than that, naw, pretty much everyone I saw in Germany was fit. Once you actually have a look at the country, though, it's easy to understand why.

As I understand it, the German government purposely made it so that it's impractical to drive for most of the places you need to go. They pay more per liter for gas than we do for gallon, and 80% is taxes (according to one of my uncles). A driver's license is expensive (a cousin of mine got hers while I was there, it was between 2000-3000 euros if you can believe that), and sidewalks are everywhere, anyway. I bounced around from relative to relative and whether they were in big cities or small towns, they could easily get to where they needed to be just by walking or riding their bikes (and in the bigger cities in particular, bike-rental stations are EVERYWHERE, and most Germans own a bike or two, anyway. However, I heard bike theft was a constant problem in some areas, lol). Clearly, urban sprawl isn't as big of an issue for them as it is for us--and they're lucky for it. I found it really cool how everything for many Germans could be within reasonable distance, though I'm sure it must be a huge pain in the ass for the Germans who rely on their vehicles for everything.

I only know a few words, unfortunately. My sister took a year of German so I learned a bit from her, and picked up a little bit of German while there. Just so you know now: Ausfahrt is an exit for vehicles. You're going to see this sign EVERYWHERE, and so it may confuse you.

Haha, maybe. ;D Tickets can be expensive, hope you can pay your dues...

Almost all my family originates from Afghanistan, but I currently have a decent amount of relatives in Germany. Three aunts two of whom are German, four uncles, who are all Afghan-born, the ex-wife of my currently single uncle (but I still got to see her. She's pretty cool), who happens to be Turkish, and a number of German-born cousins. I think seven in total? Something like that.

Germany is pretty sweet.

So how did you get around Germany when you don't speak german? You said your sister spoke german fairly well, did she stay with you pretty much everytime? Are there plenty of English speakers? Did you meet an American by any chance?

Oh, well, most of my family in German (everyone except one or two cousins) all know English, so that helped a lot :D My sister doesn't know that much German, but she was with me at all times to help me with what little she did know. Outside of my family, I'm honestly not sure how much English is spoken in German.

We were picked up at...I think Stuttgart International Airport? And many of the employees there spoke English, though some didn't. I do recall that many people who were friends with various family members spoke fluent English, as well as most shop clerks in the bigger cities, so I reckon that if you really need an English speaker, it's not hard to find one in Germany.

Also, I don't recall meeting any Americans...maybe it's just slipped my mind, but I don't think I did.