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Search and Seizure

Posted by CiviLies - December 9th, 2014

I needed a catchy title.

Anyway, around 8 am of Dec. 8th (U.S.CST), I suffered from a full-blown seizure. My mother found me in my room spazzing out entirely, body flailing this way and that, and immediately phoned an ambulance. I blacked out during the seizure, but woke up for a moment or two in the ambulance, and then again in the hospital. It probably could have been worse--I don't think I was foaming at the mouth--but needless to say, seizures are fairly serious events. They did a CAT scan at the hospital, but to run more tests I'll need to consult my main doctor (which I don't have--my mother said she'll call our insurance company). So yeah, other than a back that's been sore all day (it's not nearly as bad now as it was then, but it still hurts), I'm feeling pretty fine at the moment. Hoping something like this doesn't happen again, though. 

So yeah....



Judas Priest man, any history of this in the family? A grand mal seizure is nasty business O_O I'd stay the hell away from Lunchables, TV dinners or any other highly processed food... forever |: Anti-seizure meds are nasty pills, my sis is on them. Did you feel it coming on before hand?

Well, I have been experiencing muscle spasms for a while now. Nothing huge, just random, uncontrollable jerks lasting for no more than a second most of the time that may occur as often as two times in a few minutes to once a week; it varies. Though I think they've become more frequent as of the past few months leading up to yesterday....

My little sister has been diagnosed with a seizure disorder, but hers is much more milder than the one I suffered from in that it just causes her to space out uncontrollably at random times for 1-2 minutes. She's taking meds, and they don't seem to have any malignant side-effects thankfully, but I reckon meds for stronger seizures are probably a lot worse, anyway. Outside of my sister, I don't recall anyone diagnosed with any seizure disorders or anyone else in my family who's had one.

Thanks for the tip on processed food, though! I've been meaning to say away from them, so I guess this should provide as motivation :P My mother scheduled an appointment with a doctor for an MRI scan, so hopefully we'll all know a little more about what happened soon. It was all pretty messed up, and some parts of my body are still sore. I just hope nothing happens to trigger it again.

One thing my sis mentioned: there's a lot of different anti-seizure meds out there, and the first one they offer might not be your best long term option. She swears that an old, full day graph of an EEG machine hooked up to you, and a qualified guy to read the results, can more accurately pin point the problem. Don't recall which meds she was offered first, but they're highly prescribed, and didn't work for my sis' situation.

Ah, I see. I'll be sure to keep that in mind and do my research on the meds. Thank you, VicariousE!

Do you have a giant penis ready to strike the butthole of the Unicorn?

Always, sir! Primed, cocked, and ready!

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this is laffable

you are weak an making up excuses for your drug withdrawels

youve really gone off the deep end, i think its time to reflect and take a look at yourself

stay safe homie

You are right
I've become so intertwined with my hero-morphi-acid-kroko-crack addiction, I didn't even realized I had one. It's taken hurting everyone I know and love--including myself--to even realize I have become my own worse enemy.
Thank you, NgN. Now that I can admit to having a problem, I can stand up against it and fight back.
Though that heroine is pretty fuckin' good...maybe one more hit wouldn't hurt.

Damn, dude. Hope you're okay. D:

Hope so, too. Went in for an appointment yesterday and was told that half of adults (I'm turning 20 soon and it still feels weird being called an adult--and even weirder that I'll 20 soon. Holy crap) who suffer seizures have a 50% chance of having another, otherwise it's a one-time ordeal. I'll be getting some testing done soon and then I'll be going over the results with a neurologist on January 7th, and if I don't have a second seizure by then, then I'm hoping that the results will show that I'm in the clear.

Thank you for your concern <3

I read some of your earlier comments on this post, and I saw you have a drug addiction. Hope you lay off the drugs soon! ;)

Well, I don't REALLY use drugs. Unless NewGrounds counts. Which it should, considering how much of my brain it has rotted away.

Ooooohhh my bad. x_x

Lol it's all good, dude.

Holy shit! Are you okay?

I've been doing better, lately, thank you. My limbs and chest are no longer sore, but I occasionally still experience a surge of back pain every now and then if I move in it a certain way too hard or too fast without being careful BUT OVERALL I'm actually feeling pretty good!

I took an EEG and an MRI exam, along with several x-rays of my spinal cord, and I'm expecting to hear the results soon. Hopefully nothing is actually amiss, and it'll be just be a one-time issue that was probably caused or by stressed or something. If something is wrong, well...I'll be hoping it's not that serious, though if it's serious enough to cause a seizure then it probably is.