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Fuck My Life

Posted by CiviLies - December 24th, 2014

I had a second seizure about an hour ago to an hour and a half ago (4-4:30 am central time). My jaw is sore like an SOB but at least my limbs aren't like last time, nor are (or is? Damn grammar, I'm too stressed to think) my chest and back. I should probably start staying far and away from electronics, as I feel there's a strong connection between them and the seizures. I've been meaning to get more book-reading done, anyway, though I'll probably still come to NG every once and a while...


I tried staying away from processed foods but I guess I wasn't too successful...lol. I definitely cut back but had some Post cereal several hours before my seizure. I don't know if that was enough to trigger it, though. I've always had a few cookies... Just a few >.>...


Damn, dude. I'm really sorry this shit's been happening to you. Wish I could do more then send you a message via the internet. :/

Naaaaaaw, man! Don't sweat it! Your support really means a lot. Always cheers me up when someone sends me an encouraging message! Thanks!

Woah, you okay?

Is it epilepsy or something?

At the moment I'm fine. My jaw is still sore from the incident, but other than that, nothing's really out of place.

It's starting to look like epilepsy, though. I've got an appointment with a neurologist on Monday, so we'll see what he says. I've already taken an EEG, MRI, and several x-rays in relation to my past episode, and he'll go over the results with me and tell me about any abnormalities he detected. I hope he spots something, because two seizures definitely mean something is wrong, and it's hard to treat something if there's no apparent cause.

shit, hope it all works out, Best wishes and have a great New Years!

Thanks a lot! I truly do appreciate the support, and hope you have a great New Years as well!