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More Moaning and Stuff

Posted by CiviLies - February 23rd, 2015

So here's the news:
Had my appointment with my neurologist today. He switched my diagnosis from General Epilepsy disorder to Myoclonic Seizure disorder and put me on a second medication. He said I can go back to one medication when I drop my first prescription around two months of being on two (starting today). This is all in order to prevent anymore seizures from happening in the future following the three that occurred on Friday the 13th (Oooo 2sp00py). So yeah....hopefully I don't get anymore. I've also been a little concerned because for the past week at least, I've been having a reduced appetite while burping even more. My doctor said that if they're related in the slightest to my seizures, then they're just side effects of the medication (that I'm already on). I'm worried that there might be something else going on with me...but we'll see. I've been skipping meals here and there, but it's only once a day at the very most, and it's not like I've lost any weight from it--nor do I intend to. If I'm gonna lose weight, then I'm gonna do it through exercise and healthy eating habits. Whenever I get started on that. Which I will...eventually...I'm sure. I just gotta catch up on my homework, first. Speaking of which, I better go get started...


Just read through all your news posts since Christmas, and I sincerely hope that that's the end of that. Stay strong, dude!

Thanks Lee, I'll try. It's only been a few days since my new prescription, but so far so good. My number of Myoclonic jerks have decreased significantly as well, so that's a relief. Hoping that's a sign of good things to come.

Damn, sorry to hear you've not been well. Hope you get it all sorted out soon.

Thanks Ejit, I'm hoping the same. Especially for the sake of my mother's sanity. She was diagnosed as a schizophrenic a few years back and these seizures really aren't helping her condition any.

I hope you feel better soon.

Much appreciated, thank you CGA!

Comin' back to the BBS?

I wish I could reply more regularly again, but college and homework is keeping me on a tight leash ): I'll respond to the thread you @'ed me to, though! (Thanks for that, by the way.)

Understandable. I'll admit you're like the one NG user I wouldn't wish for something like this to happen to.

Seriously? Wow, thanks Ejit! That's actually rather touching to hear.

Mais oui bien sur. You're not in my prayers. And that's a good thing, I'm a very aggressive and spiteful prayer.

Ariel Sharon - he was one of mine.

Happy to see you back mang.

Heh, thank you. I'm on my Spring Break for now so I have a little bit of free time to kill till next Monday.


Did he leave? Oh, that actually kinda sucks....


The JetPlane JetPlane?



That photo worried me, son. Are you getting all the help you can, accepting any help you're offered, you're not trying to be a hard bastard or anything? I reckon you must have been entitled to a whole bunch of opiates, is all. I'm worried you're not getting enough opiates. In your diet, or whatever.

Seriously, I hope that you are doing a bit better since that last update.

That photo I posted? You mean on the "Post a Pic of Yourself" thread? Ah, yeah, I'm trying to, at least. Believe me, the last thing I'm looking to try and do is look tough in front of people right now--and while I'm not in any right as of right now (except for at the bottom tip of my nose)--I would especially be appreciative towards any opiates I could come across ;D

But yeah man, I'm doing pretty solid. Thanks a lot for your concern, Ejit! Highly appreciative towards you as well <3



Hope your condition improved over the months, best of luck to you man.

Much appreciated. I've improved dramatically since then and so far haven't had any seizures in around two months. As long as I don't stress myself too much during this new school semester, I should be alright.

u ok hun (u ok mate)

It's been a while since this update. How have you been?

Ah, thanks man. I've been okay, yeah. Proud to say no seizures for three and a half months, meaning just two and a half until I can start driving again. Got my permanent implants and a few other fixings to my teeth, but I still wanna lose about ten pounds and am behind on homework. Hoping it'll work out okay in the end.

How about yourself?

That's cool. Hopefully this trend continues for you. You'll be driving before you know it.

I can relate on the being behind on homework part. I spent much of today getting caught up. Which is sort of a drag because it cuts into my rigorous schedule of posting dick jokes on the Internet.