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Nope, no job.

Posted by CiviLies - May 10th, 2016

So yeah, I had a job I was supposed to start tomorrow...
I don't have it anymore. Apparently there was a "change of plans" according to them and they'll let me know when if/when I'm needed.


That sucks :(

Indeed :(

That really sucks. If they don't get back to you, be like us in the passive aggressive state of Minnesota and be an asshole. If you have your supposed-to-be-boss's email, sign him up for a ton of spam. But don't tell him I told you. >:)

That's a brilliant idea to consider, thank you ;)

PM me if you want some ideas on how to do this.

Understood ;)

No idea what kind of job you're doing but that sucks. I got fed up with crummy employers this year and have been self employed now for about a month. Gardening and lawn maintenance pays well enough where I'm from. Start your own business. Alternatively you can spam their email. I read that and died.

What kind of job may I ask?

It's was a month-long temp job for an advertising company. They were hired by the state of Tennessee to promote motorcycle highway and teen seat belt safety, My job would have actually just been to stand by the exhibition the firm would have set up and explain to curious onlookers what we're doing, why it's important to watch out for motorcycles, make sure to buckle up when you drive, all that. The only reason I called them when I did was because since it was the day before I was -supposed- to start, so I just wanted to get my start time 100% clear. Instead, without even a clear reason, they let me go and probably would have done so sooner but they--and I quote-"forgot my contact information." Like seriously? How unprofessional can you get...

I'll probably wait a week or so before going with the spam idea, just distance myself from them a bit so they won't realize it's me :P

That sucks man. I know that feeling of being turned down at the last minute. Hope you get better results soon :3

Thank you Monstie <3

Dont believe the hype

You're right. Never believe the hype.

I'll give you a job. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

ayyyy bby i'll mow your lawn for $15

I keep my bushes trimmed at all times hehehhe.

I can respect a lady who doesn't mind having to do a little yard work every now and then ;P

I'll pay you to do my housework though lmao.

Sounds like a deal to me lol

Great. You start tomorrow.

You have 42 fans. If you can get that number to multiply by ten and you'll be able to blaze it!

Or I can go to Colorado since I'm 21 ;)