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Cute, but corny. But cute. I like the art style and it's easy to see a lot of effort was put into this. All-in-all, good job.

Interesting game you have here...I had a bit of difficulty actually learning how to get started. because it doesn't seem like you left any instructions anywhere (for the record, arrows to move, left-click to exit). It can definitely use some work, but I like the concept of it. Very simple, but can make for some intense, moment-to-moment, on-the-spot strategizing, particularly as you increase the number of balls and shoot for the highest perfect score possible.

Kid mode makes for a decent training mode, and the other two are a little hard to tell apart (other than one having a score to aim for and the other making you set your own high score). Increasing the balls number of balls to appear on screen at once was also fun, though if you allow too many on screen at once (we'll say 100+ for new users), it gets to a point where you could easily die right on the onset of the game, before you even know what happened. When the game gets to that point, you may as well not even move the ball and just let it float by itself, since just figuring out where to move the ball before it explodes become difficult. You'll die right off the bat a lot. Once in a while you'll last longer than a few seconds, just to die a few seconds later.

The music and art is simple, but at least functioning. Some may think it's boring and repetitive, though. Overall, it's a good start. Keep it up.

ifritgames responds:

Hey, thanks for the detailed review!

Initially the game had a textual help detailing controls and every aspect of playing, but people who tried it complained that noone reads help, so I have changed to this simpler graphical approach, what the game displays before your first play or when you hit the help menu. Still some says its too much text, noone will read it, some others like you say its missing info.

Having said that, I know that the game is still not perfect on the tutorial side, I think the best would be to have a dynamic in game tutorial while you play. I might just do that at one point.

For the controls you can use arrow keys, WSAD, and SPACE/ENTER to choose menus or exit the game. You can also fully utilize the mouse, and touch works on touchscreens as well.

"...Very simple, but can make for some intense, moment-to-moment, on-the-spot strategizing, particularly as you increase the number of balls and shoot for the highest perfect score possible..."

This could easily be the sentence what describes the game the best, and this is why our testers loved it too, you can imagine the race we had for scores, after they got familiar with the game...:)

Thanks again for your nice words.

You know, ordinarily, I would blam Flappy Bird clones, but this...this is something special. I mean, seriously. I tried playing it, and it actually wasn't irritating or annoying. It was, in fact...enjoyable. From the soft music and background to the light, airy bounces each click would cause, this--as far as Flappy Bird clones go-is actually pretty good. I found myself continuing to play just to listen to the guitar as much as anything. I mean, actual gameplay overall is still pretty meh, but with the music and atmosphere...this is more enjoyable than the original. Good job!

Cyberdevil responds:

Glad this Flappy game (I'd like to think it's more of a spin-off than a clone hrrm) managed to provide that enjoyable an experience. The Kingbastard track I included is an old favorite of mine, hasn't felt suitable for any other submissions but for this... it looks like it was a pretty good fit! Thanks for the review!

SG64 stole the show. Of course.
Great going with this great flash.

Cyberdevil responds:

That he did! Thanks.

This really is quite a clever game of lights and shadows, really had to stop and think about some of these, or stop over-thinking on others. The mechanics work really well with illusions and traps on many levels. Animation was pretty decent for me as was the soundtrack. I wouldn't say I'm tired of the song, since it fits pretty well, but a new song for each new row of puzzles would have been nice. Overall, though, great game.

Some of these puzzles were pretty thought-provoking but most of them can be done through a simple process of trial and error. I had fun playing this game and getting three-stars on all the levels. There were a fair amount with interesting concepts behind some puzzles--nice shows of creativity! The music was alright but throwing in extra song would have been preferred. Having the last few puzzles be more difficult and mind-bending would have been welcome as well. Overall, though, it's a fun time-killer.

Good music, animation, gameplay, everything. A short and simple point-and-click puzzle game. Was rather on the easy side, though, and while I don't want to take away points for it being short, it would have been more enjoyable with more levels and more challenging levels. I did have fun during the 20 minutes I played this game, though.


Wasn't bad. Made for a decent time killer. The sounds and audio were okay but often repetitive. The animation was mostly good. Wouldn't have hurt to have some of the girls better-looking though. Or have more positions with them. Hell, having more girls to begin with couldn't have hurt.
Basically just another Meet 'n' Fuck game, except you apparently know these girls for a few years.

On behalf of the NG community, I welcome this game.


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