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CiviLies's News

Posted by CiviLies - July 10th, 2014

Finally got on a computer.

So yeeeeeeeeeah, Imma be hitting Berlin and Hamburg the next few days. I have yet to try the beer, since my family doses't really drink, but I'll try to try sometime. Figred I'd make it a blogpost this time instead of reviving dead threads, so here ya go. 

How is everyone else doing

Posted by CiviLies - December 6th, 2013

I'm back.

What have I missed?

Posted by CiviLies - January 21st, 2013

So yeah, hiya there NG world! Call me Matt. I recently made a new account and, uh...I'm actually not a programmer or artist of any sort so don't really expect much from me. Truthfully, I'm making this News Post because I just wanted to get myself out there and I wasn't really sure if I should introduce myself here or in the forums. I guess the forums would have been a better idea. Oh well. But yeah, like I said, I don't actually....create anything....but I've loved NewGrounds for a while (ever since I was somewhere in middle school--I'm now graduating high school) and finally convinced myself to make a new account for the purpose of at least being able to give feedback on videos and submerse myself in the portal and who knows? Maybe even upgrade my status ;) (I'm pretty broke though, so don't hold your breath over it, Tom) This site has made me laugh, made me think, made me cry, and even made my childhood at least a little more memorable (guess that says a lot about my childhood). It also made my childhood a little more disturbing, but with time and a few hundred dollars worth of therapy sessions, I'm sure it'll turn out alright. But, I digress. Going back to the main point, I wouldn't really say I deserve the status of an admin or mod or something like that, of course, but I'm not really new here, so I shouldn't make any n00b mistakes. I think that's about it.