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Posted by CiviLies - October 31st, 2016

A friend of mine made a startling discovery...4464695_147788964991_Screenshot_9.png


Posted by CiviLies - August 21st, 2016

...Since my last update, so here goes:

My God has it been a grueling and fun day today. Waking up and packing pretty much almost my entire room and trying to get here in time to claim my dorm before they expunge me from the list... Through the morning my mother was shouting because she was really worried that I might lose my dorm by not showing up on time and kept saying my sister and I were taking forever to pack. That wasn't even the biggest concern today, though. RIGHT in the middle of driving my car to the campus, following behind my mother's car, I heard this rapid, loud, thumping noise and after a little while pulled over to the side of the road with my mother pulling over in front of me. Turns out... My front-right tired was nearly ripped to shreds. We called one of my aunts to help us replace the flat, and when she and my uncle arrived about an hour later, investigated further and found out one of my other tires could be losing air, I need new breaks, and a new muffler. Woo. But, we packed mine and my sister's stuff into my aunt's vehicle and continued on, and eventually my sister and I finished packing in our own dorms. My mother broke down and started to cry. I'm feeling worried about her.

But, later I celebrated my arrival at MTSU at the welcome-day ceremony where they were serving a ton of free food. Met my roommate, who seems pretty chill, and finally got access to campus internet. Still can't rest TOO easy quite yet, as I need to pick up an ID card, a copy of the class schedule I lost, my books, and accessories for my room to help make it easier for me to organize. Really I still got a long ways to go. It's a loooong semester ahead of me. Longer than this status update. Hoping I can make it through in one piece.

Posted by CiviLies - May 10th, 2016

So yeah, I had a job I was supposed to start tomorrow...
I don't have it anymore. Apparently there was a "change of plans" according to them and they'll let me know when if/when I'm needed.

Posted by CiviLies - May 9th, 2016




Posted by CiviLies - January 8th, 2016

Someone make me a thread.


Posted by CiviLies - February 23rd, 2015

So here's the news:
Had my appointment with my neurologist today. He switched my diagnosis from General Epilepsy disorder to Myoclonic Seizure disorder and put me on a second medication. He said I can go back to one medication when I drop my first prescription around two months of being on two (starting today). This is all in order to prevent anymore seizures from happening in the future following the three that occurred on Friday the 13th (Oooo 2sp00py). So yeah....hopefully I don't get anymore. I've also been a little concerned because for the past week at least, I've been having a reduced appetite while burping even more. My doctor said that if they're related in the slightest to my seizures, then they're just side effects of the medication (that I'm already on). I'm worried that there might be something else going on with me...but we'll see. I've been skipping meals here and there, but it's only once a day at the very most, and it's not like I've lost any weight from it--nor do I intend to. If I'm gonna lose weight, then I'm gonna do it through exercise and healthy eating habits. Whenever I get started on that. Which I will...eventually...I'm sure. I just gotta catch up on my homework, first. Speaking of which, I better go get started...

Posted by CiviLies - December 30th, 2014

Okay, so this will probably be my final update regarding my seizures. I'll likely stop bitching about them after this.
So yeah...

At my neurology appointment today, I was diagnosed with general epilepsy. After TWO seizures--in the span of what, three weeks?--I can't really say I'm surprised, but it's official now. I have epilepsy. I'm epileptic. Yup. It's not ALL that bad though, I mean, it could be worse. I reckon it's better than being stuck in a third world country like Rwanda with pretty much no means of help whatsoever. I'm on medication now, so as long as I keep popping my presc. pills, I'll be okay. So that's cool. It'll likely be permanent, so I'll be chained to those pills for the rest of my life (‪#‎firstworldproblems‬), but I'm not too mad about it.

Also at the appointment, it was discovered by the xrays I took several days prior to it that I have a few minor "wedges" in the thoracic section of my spinal cord, which explains the occasional pain and discomfort I have originating from that area. It doesn't look anything that bad, I almost definitely won't have to need any surgery for it, and it's unrelated to my seizure--purely coincidental (if a sucky coincidence). I'm due to have an MRI on my thoracic spine soon to follow up on it, juuuuuust to make absolute sure it's not anything that serious. I'm pretty sure it won't be, it doesn't hurt THAT bad. 

Not a great way to end the year, but I do appreciate the nurse's sarcastic sense of humor...
"Happy New Years"...haha...

Posted by CiviLies - December 24th, 2014

I had a second seizure about an hour ago to an hour and a half ago (4-4:30 am central time). My jaw is sore like an SOB but at least my limbs aren't like last time, nor are (or is? Damn grammar, I'm too stressed to think) my chest and back. I should probably start staying far and away from electronics, as I feel there's a strong connection between them and the seizures. I've been meaning to get more book-reading done, anyway, though I'll probably still come to NG every once and a while...


I tried staying away from processed foods but I guess I wasn't too successful...lol. I definitely cut back but had some Post cereal several hours before my seizure. I don't know if that was enough to trigger it, though. I've always had a few cookies... Just a few >.>...

Posted by CiviLies - December 9th, 2014

I needed a catchy title.

Anyway, around 8 am of Dec. 8th (U.S.CST), I suffered from a full-blown seizure. My mother found me in my room spazzing out entirely, body flailing this way and that, and immediately phoned an ambulance. I blacked out during the seizure, but woke up for a moment or two in the ambulance, and then again in the hospital. It probably could have been worse--I don't think I was foaming at the mouth--but needless to say, seizures are fairly serious events. They did a CAT scan at the hospital, but to run more tests I'll need to consult my main doctor (which I don't have--my mother said she'll call our insurance company). So yeah, other than a back that's been sore all day (it's not nearly as bad now as it was then, but it still hurts), I'm feeling pretty fine at the moment. Hoping something like this doesn't happen again, though. 

So yeah....


Posted by CiviLies - August 12th, 2014

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