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English could use a bit of improvement, but overall really great video of a well done painting. The tips are useful.

kobalto1 responds:

Thanks for the comment, english its not my first leanguage so i always have problems when i write shit in my draws or video, thank you

Reminds me of Pop Team Epic with animation styles that come across as a combination of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and some generic, harem-style hentai. Overall pretty funny and well animate. The main character's voice is a bit high-pitched for my liking, though.

Never seen the show past a few sporadic episodes, but this is a hilarious parody of the show, whether or not it's accurate. Great animation, too.

Five stars for the voices alone, spot on.

Simply astounding.

That robot's voice was really subpar, but I thought everything--including the voices for the bird and flower--were rather superb and very fitting. Well done.

The animations and illustrations were so fluid and on time with the music, very well done.

That's a pretty humorous parody, though the ending was a bit...crappy :P Haha but in all seriousness, well done. Good animation and funny lyrics.

EdwardMarr responds:

Thanks. Yeah, I'll be honest. I didn't want the ending to just cut to end credits.... and my go to solution was to have Naruto knock him out and defecate on his unconscious body for the lulz.... I wanted to release this asap so i wasn't thinking that straight... starting to regret it... oh well.

Well, the audio is uneven at times (sometimes too loud, sometimes not loud enough), the voice acting was kinda meh at times, and the animation was pretty smooth, but not perfect...

BUT YOU'RE DRAWING AGAIN :D So great to see that! I'll very much be looking forward to this new round of uploads. Good luck, Kel-Chan!

Damn dude, you nailed it. That's them perfectly.


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